as art photographer

The landscape is apparent in my work, sometimes natural sometimes manipulated with evident traces of people. I rarely plan pictures, but let my visual sense decide where there is an image.

I prefer to work with medium format analogue film cameras. The process is slow and focused, and I find a stillness and concentration in the moment. I also like polaroid, and will sometimes work with digital pocket camera if I find that is the best in the situation.

The slow process of sewing has brought something new, and I've made my first handmade artist book this year for 'sister chromatids', and recently started to embroider on my images. 


'Hjemstavn' [Revisited] is an exploration of the place I was born. It is a joint project with 'Grupperingen Hjemstavn' in which we revisit our respective places of birth individually and together


I’m co-founder of MAX A5, an annual one-day art exhibition that ran for six years from 2011-2016.

my blog

Blog named after my favourite film: Portra 400 NC; which sadly no longer is produced. Occasional work in progress and other stuff


I have two intertwining careers where I express my skills in different ways, as a photographer and as a science publisher respectively. Throughout my life one has typically had more focus over the other in periods, but both are very present and essential for my expression, and I always utilise all skills in whatever I’m doing.

My works are in the collection of CBS library, and I have exhibited across Denmark.



2020: ”Sister Chromatids”, Atelier Frandsen (group show)


2019: Master Class, Fatamorgana

2011-2016: MAX A5, various locations

2012: “This is Africa”; Annaborg Hillerød (group show)

2010: “Hjemstavn”, Janusbygningen, Tirstrup

“Hjemstavn”, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad
“FAR”, Galleri Krebsen (group show)
“Hjemstavn”, Galleri Hallegaard


”Black Hole”, Galleri Hornbæk (group show)
Summer show, Galleri Krebsen (group show)
”Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”, Robert’s Coffee (group show)
”Neighbours”, DGI-byen 

2007: ”Frb by Night: Things You Might See”, Den Gule Villa

2007-2008: Basic, Project, Extended classes; KBH Film & Fotoskole, Copenhagen

science publisher


2009-2019: Novo Nordisk



2008: Baltzer+Hartmann Publishing Consultants



1998-2007: Munksgaard/Blackwell Publishing



1994-1998: ISWA



1994 MSc International Business, CBS Copenhagen